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The Legend of Zelda 

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this cartoon though…

we are all fucked up for a reason

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Disney x Marvel -source-

One does not simply handle the awesomeness of jack sparrow and loki in the same pic

One does not simply handle the awesomeness of all of this

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A tornado full of tumbleweed that is on fire. It’s as if satan is making an entrance.

I’m preeeeeety sure that’s the Avatar. 


A French company is coming up with a windowless jet concept.

The idea is to enhance the view by filming the exterior environment and putting it on the inside of the cabin.  It would also be possible to put other things on the screens, such as a movie. 

I made the gifs from this video

Here is an article about it

So basically Evangelion. 

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This is the dirtiest joke I have ever seen on a kids show jesus christ their faces.

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Saturday in Ferguson. Aug. 23rd. 

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It’s a tense night in Ferguson, but luckily no outbreak of violence. 

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Mighty Gunvolt releasing for free in the U.S. ⊟

Inti Creates just announced that it’s releasing Mighty Gunvolt — the 8-bit-style crossover for Mighty No. 9, Gunvolt, and, um, Gal*Gun — will release to the 3DS eShop in the States. The 5-stage game will be available as a free download to anyone who purchases Gunvolt before November 28.

Don’t forget, Gunvolt releases to the U.S. eShop on August 29 for $15.

BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games

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20 minutes into this manga and i’m already feeling the love between the mama bird and satans little brother

That’s it, I’m gonna binge-read it

I love these two. <3